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birds of a feather ✧ drizzle's intro

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birds of a feather ✧ drizzle's intro Empty birds of a feather ✧ drizzle's intro

Post by tigress. on Fri Nov 06, 2020 1:08 pm

"Drizzle of Morning Rain"
Everyhing looked so distant from where the black and silver mottled feline stood, perched near the edge of a rocky outcrop with a shear drop just over the edge of the cliff. The views from little secluded area, walled by slabs of rock, were spectacular. Absolutely breathtaking. Drizzle had always wondered what it was like to live down below in the lush forests where other clans dwelled, though she would admit that she was far too fond of life on the mountain and wouldn't trade it for any other land. It was peaceful, to say the least up on their mountain. It was extremely rare to run into outsiders from other clans or groups, instead their gravest dangers were the fatal falls and the mountain lions.

A strong breeze blew through the little rocky alcove and ruffled her short fur, the large ears atop her head swivelling back so the impeding gust of wind didn't irritate them as much. It had been like that all morning, even when she had left the tribe's camp and sought out her favourite spot. In truth, Drizzle had been waiting around for quite some time to seek out someone to keep herself busy with but it had been only her awake for a while until she decided to just head out on her own.

"Hm? What do we have here?" Drizzle's attention was captured by something lodged between the needle-like branches of one of the trees nestled between two large boulders a little ways down the slope. It looked to be a rather large feather, probably from one of the eagles or vultures that frequented the area. Nonetheless, she was interested and wanted it for herself.


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birds of a feather ✧ drizzle's intro Empty Re: birds of a feather ✧ drizzle's intro

Post by FIREFLY! on Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:41 pm

torw - prey hunter - male - 16 moons - tags

firefly had just stumbled onto the scene infront of him, drizzle noting softly to herself that she was interested in something; and so now, firefly was interested in it, too. he crept up behind her, his tail straight in the air, slightly crouched to the ground - he'd never admit it, but he was afraid of heights; he figured if he stayed closer to the ground, perhaps he had less of a chance of tumbling down the cliff edge - and he watched as she seemed to be making her way towards whatever the object was. it was a feather? that was it? that wasn't very exciting at all.

"thats what you're looking at?" he said, a bit in disbelief. he figured it would have been something cool, but it was just a feather. he was afraid to get any closer to the cliff edge, so he stay crouched a few feet away. "can't you get one somewhere else? gee, drizzle - its a really far this a good idea?"

birds of a feather ✧ drizzle's intro Rsz-11rsz-firefly



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