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Chips and Salsa (Intro)

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Chips and Salsa (Intro) Empty Chips and Salsa (Intro)

Post by bristlescratch on Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:31 pm

"CAN'T CATCH ME!" A gray brown tabby cries out as she takes off out into the open air, the cool breeze flattening her whiskers to her warm cheeks. Speed was in her blood despite her bulky build and she was quick on her young paws. Before she made it further into the wood, the teen turned around and panted as she searched for her companion. Bristlescratch had felt so alone after being kept in camp to learn the rules of her new position in the clan. And she thought training as a warrior was hard enough! 

 "Hey... what happened? Aren't you coming? Or are you scared to lose to me?" She let out a giggled as she teased the other cat and Bristlescratch huffed as she sat and waited. "Ya know, when I said you can't catch me... that was suppose to be a challenge. But whatever, where did you say we were gonna go again?" 

The green eyed girl decided to join a little border patrol as an excuse to leave her duties. This was going to be a big adjustment but she was still going to find ways to enjoy life as she should. At least her parents were happy for her. 

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