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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open


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    FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open Empty FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open

    Post by LILYTHORN ~ Fri Nov 20, 2020 9:29 pm

    windclan - warrior - female - 13 moons - tags

    stone blue eyes lazily watched as cat after cat either left camp to go on a patrol, to simply go on their own adventure or maybe even a walk. everyone always seemed to have a different motive for leaving camp, even if they were going to do the same thing as eachother. for example, one cat may say they are going hunting because it is their duty and they were assigned to a patrol. but another cat on the same hunting patrol may say they are hunting for their mother who can no longer leave the elder's den.

    cat-watching was something that lilythorn found great joy in doing. especially in situations like this where she was bored out of her mind and unsure of what to do with herself, coming up with things that she believed her clanmates were thinking about or talking about seemed like a good alternative to try to make some excitement in her life. her fluffy, chocolate tail flicked against the ground effortlessly, a yawn escaping her maw. she could see her mother, brightstar, just across the clearing. if she really wanted to make her mother proud, maybe she could ask her if she wanted to see lilythorn on a patrol. but the molly would not do that, because she would rather sit here and people watch. besides, she didn't have the ambitious drive that her mother held. that may be lilythorn's biggest flaw. oh, she wished she had the motivation to lead patrols or do other things of the sort, but she would much rather be told what to do rather than command someone else to do something. it wasn't that she was fearful of being a leader or telling other cats what to do; it was simply that she didn't have the drive to want to do it.

    she wondered if she would make eye contact with anyone across the clearing, stare at them long enough to make them feel awkward and force them to come over to keep her company. she loved making others feel awkward. she stretched her paws out infront of her, allowing her claws to graze against the dirt beneath her. "would i seize any attraction in storytelling?" the chocolate calico finally called out, not too loudly as she was never a loud cat, but loud enough that anyone who had been within a few tail lengths of her was able to hear her. oh, the truly dazzling and entrancing monotone, judgmental voice of lilythorn. there was something about her voice that whenever she talked, no matter what she may say, it just seemed..humorous, because of the lack of enthusiasm and excitement within her tone. it seemed like even when she wasn't being sarcastic, it still sounded as though she were. sometimes her voice failed her, as she wasn't as judgmental as she came off as. in fact, she tended to get to know others to form opinions instead of basing opinions off someone else's gossip. she was rarely judging others, unless they made a dumb decision, of course - but still, she would turn it to humor and say it to their face. she was a lover of humor, hated the idea of being rude. she was just overall bad at expressing her emotions. her voice was a clear indicator as such.

    "i'll take startales or dark forest myths too. perhaps - tell a story and us, the audience, shall guess if it's true." ah, an idea. that may draw more interest. the storyteller can decide if they tell a story from their kit hood, something that actually happened to them in their life or something they witnessed happen to someone else or even a mass known story, or they could decide to make something up on the spot. surely someone would entertain her. if not, she would force the kits to keep her company. and starclan knows, the queens wouldn't want her around the kits with the types of ideas she would give them!


    FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open Rsz-image0

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    FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open Empty Re: FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open

    Post by ghost Sat Dec 19, 2020 10:41 pm

    windclan | brown spotted tabby | pixie-bob

    //cw for animal death in the story

    In their mind, there exists a list of names of their new clanmates. This list existed separate from each of their clanmate's appearances, which seemed to exist outside of their scope of understanding. Every day it was as if they had never laid eyes on their clanmates, even those who were terribly notable, and they recognized most by personality alone.

    A side-effect of being dead, maybe.

    As a still-breathing corpse, they approach one of their clanmates. It isn't her face, but a cadence in her voice, or lack-thereof that they recognize. “Lilythorn,” They greet, “It is a story you want?” It isn't as if they don't remember their past- they do. It's just that thinking of their past feels like crawling through fog. One doesn't know what they are about to come up upon until they are too close. It could be a snake just as much as it could be a home.

    So, a history exists on the edge of their mind, muddled and ignored. “A story I will give to you,” They pause to think. It all feels rather far away, even now. They are somewhere outside of their body, looking down on a reality they should not be granted to see. A story after their death would have to do. Too difficult it would be to explain how different of a time it had been when they were alive.

    Too difficult to explain that they are no longer alive, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. (Somewhere in their heart, they don't want the trouble of it all. To reveal that they believe themself to be dead- that they are dead, would ruin their judgement in the eyes of their clanmates. Their undoubtable truth would be picked apart by those who do not understand it. They inhale, exhale, and have been dead for longer than they have lived.)

    Before my time here, in twolegplace, I met a memorable duo. The older of the two was not of any notable age, just old enough to have lived through each of the seasons once, and the younger of the two was a kitten of walking-age, but had yet to meet any other milestones of growth. The older of the two had been named Cherrypaw, and the younger had been Olive.

    Cherrypaw had been quick to explain to me her predicament, saying that she had been called away from her home by something bigger than herself, and that she had found Olive trying to nurse from a deceased queen. She told me that this was her duty and her purpose for coming so far away from home, that she had to be the one to tend to him. She then begged me to aid her in any way that I could, of which I was not keen to do.

    I had not asked anything about her or Olive, and it was information I had not cared to learn. As Cherrypaw told all of this to me, I had continued walking in hopes that she would give up on me and find someone else to bother. Behind us, Olive had followed, needing to run in order to keep up with our much larger strides. Nothing Cherrypaw had said or done had convinced me and, eventually, I was able to get her to leave me alone by crossing a Thunderpath.

    It wasn't until the next day that I thought of Cherrypaw and Olive once again. There was a bowl of dry-kittypet food left out, around which other strays had gathered. They hadn't known me and hadn't wanted to let me eat but, after a scuffle, I had access to the bowl, and they began to ignore me to talk amongst themselves. They spoke cruelly of Cherrypaw and of Olive. Cherrypaw apparently approached anyone who passed her by, and I was among the many who continued walking.

    It was not guilt that made me seek out Cherrypaw, but curiosity. After being rejected so many times before, I had to know why she had continued to try. When I found her once more, she completely ignored my questions and instead directed me to Olive, who she was sure I would be able to help. She herded me into an alleyway where she had some twoleg-food and Olive sitting. When I asked her how I could possibly help her situation, she told me all I had to do was eat in front of Olive, to show him how it was done.

    Cherrypaw had never known his mother alive, and so she was uncertain if Olive had ever eaten anything solid before, and she explained to me that it was against her ways to eat anything that wasn't freshkill. She claimed herself to be a great hunter, but that the scents of twolegplace overwhelmed and, what she did catch, Olive didn't so much as sniff. The only thing he ever shown interest in was the scraps of food she could scrounge from the trash, and yet Olive wouldn't eat.

    She was convinced that he just needed to see someone older than himself eat, and that with that he would figure it out and go on eating himself. I was under the impression that Cherrypaw likened herself to being his mother despite not having any blood relations. From our first meeting, I knew that she had only known Olive for three days. My own question was still unanswered, but I wasn't going to reject taking a few bites from a meal.

    After I had eaten some, Cherrypaw kept prompting Olive with the food, of which he shown interest towards but did not eat. He was too young to speak beyond the most basic of concepts, and yet Cherrypaw kept asking him to tell her why he wouldn't eat, and wished to know what she could do. Her only idea had been to show him someone eating the food he seemed to understand and, when that didn't work, Cherrypaw had gone into hysterics.

    With my part in the whole affair having failed and was done with, Cherrypaw no longer seemed aware of my presence. Even so, I began to see something that Cherrypaw couldn't. There was clearly something wrong with Olive beyond his days without food. He was skinny to the point of the ridges of his spine being visible, and yet his belly was bloated. Around his eyes he had discharge that had hardened into a thick, black crust. He was clearly ill beyond the help of a nourishing meal.

    I left the scene unobtrusively. I did not want Cherrypaw to ask any more of me and I no longer cared about the answers to my question. I stayed in the same area over the next five days because of the bowl where I had eaten from previously was refilled daily, and while the strays that shared it with me did not enjoy my presence there, they no longer tried to hassle me.

    On the day I had decided to move on, I had seen Cherrypaw one last time. I hadn't recognized her without Olive in her wake, and it was her to approach me. She thanked me for my aid, but when I asked about the whereabouts of Olive, Cherrypaw grew angry and told me she didn't know anyone by that name. I had already assumed his fate, but her reaction was well enough for me to confirm it. I moved on, and decided to leave her to her denial.


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    FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open Empty Re: FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open

    Post by kiwi Wed Jan 06, 2021 1:20 pm

    FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open Rsz-tumblr-inline-p03t37-fs1-p1tqfdb3-1280
    windclan - warrior - female - 13 moons - tags

    with great joy, lilythorn looks towards the pixie approaching her as they say that they have a story to share. the young calico's tail tip twitches, her large ears perked with interest - although her tone shows none. "a pleasure," she dips her head in greeting, giving the new cat a welcome as she came over to tell her story. the newcomer wasted no time in giving a story and lilythorn was excited to hear what she had to say.

    a story about an apprentice named cherrypaw and a kit named olive. and towards the end of the story, lilythorn had come to the conclusion that cherrypaw had a bit of mental issues to go with her idea of becoming this kit's new mom. she was silent for a few moments after they finished talking, trying to decide what they wanted to say in response to the story. she didn't have to question further to know it was true; it was so detailed that she knew that this cat was telling the truth.

    "i cannot fathom why, if cherrypaw wished to help the youngling so dearly, she wouldn't partake the meal herself," she finally said out loud. so what if it was against her rules? if she really wanted to help this kit why did she wait so long to find someone else who would eat from the bowl. "i ponder the clan she rose from," she murmured to herself. she didn't remember anyone in windclan under the name cherrypaw; but yet again, lilythorn was jut barely a warrior so this could have been before she was even born. she didn't recall any large prophecies in her time, as the clans usually shared when they got messages.

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    FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open Empty Re: FAIRYTALES AND FABLES! || lilythorn's intro, open

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