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stumble through heaven // o, fratinizing

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stumble through heaven // o, fratinizing Empty stumble through heaven // o, fratinizing

Post by tyebean on Tue Dec 01, 2020 7:09 am

When the clearing opened up and Bluebell peered down into the area housing fourtrees, the tom couldn't help but grin. The chattering of cats filled his ears, cats of all different sizes and colors. They mingled and traveled from one great tree to the next, the unspoken social barriers temporarily shattered by the full moon and the sky full to the brim with sparkling stars. Bluebell loved to socialize, about this and about that. He wanted to know what was on every warrior's daily to-do list, what every apprentice was learning in their training, and he wanted to hear about every last dramatic story the elders had to tell.

 "Hey," He cooed, seizing up a pretty young couple chatting amongst themselves. Whom- upon deeper inspection- were not Skyclan. Perfect. He'd allow himself to become comfortable with these cats, at least for one night. No code-breaking here! "What kind of food do they have in this joint? Is this your first gathering? Certainly isn't mine." The tom's attention seemed to be on everything at once, ears swiveling every heart-beat with his glittering eyes inspecting every other cat that brushed past.- 

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