• Eclipserain ~ Female ~ Warrior •
—— Calico tabby she-cat with green eyes.
The morning had been a peaceful one so far; something Eclipserain was grateful for as she strolled soundlessly between the towering pines. The multi-colored she-cat didn't have a destination in mind as she continued to put one paw in front of the other, she was just enjoying the journey through Shadowclan territory. It wasn't often that she got the chance to go out without being on a patrol or with the purpose of hunting. Of course, if she caught sight or smell of prey she would do her best to catch it but that wasn't the goal of her trip. Right now she was just relaxing, taking some time to enjoy the world around her, it was nice. Her ears perked slightly as she heard something skittering over the needles on the forest floor ahead of her. Taking a moment the petite warrior parted her lips and took in the scent. Squirrel. Instantly Eclipserain lowered herself into a hunter's pose and prowled soundlessly towards her prey. In a heartbeat, the calico she-cat had leapt upon and swiftly killed her prey. She took a moment to bury the squirrel so that she could come back for it later and add it to the fresh-kill pile back at the camp. After she finished covering the kill with dirt and pine needles Eclipserain straightened up and began her stroll again, her gaze wandering up through the branches of the trees as she appreciated the sky above.