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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    tomato, pear || stink-bug


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    tomato, pear || stink-bug Empty tomato, pear || stink-bug

    Post by ghost Fri Dec 25, 2020 11:40 pm

    thunderclan warrior | solid black | oriental short-hair | tags

    Overall, it had started as a pleasant evening. The setting sun had purpled the sky as dusk settled. The cold had felt bracing instead of suppressive. Coalwhisker’s fur hadn’t gained any length with the colder moons, but it has begun to grow a little more thickly.

    Coalwhisker should have been suspicious. Things were never this enjoyable for long.

    Indeed, after the sun had fully descended beyond the horizon and Coalwhisker had stretched himself every which way he could, he was far to content to last. The trouble started when, quietly, Coalwhisker had laid in his nest, curled, with his head pillowed atop his hindlegs. His thin tail against his cheek.

    A bug of some kind alighted atop his head and, for a time, Coalwhisker was resigned to trying to will it away with thought alone. He wasn’t going to move, not when he was laying this comfortably. The bug, nonchalant in the face of psychic communication, continued plodding about the top of his head. As it neared one of his large ears, Coalwhisker twitched the ear in an unsuccessful attempt to shoo it.

    And then someone smacked him.

    More accurately: a well meaning clanmate smacked the bug and, by extension, Coalwhisker. Several things then happened at once. One, Coalwhisker stood and shoved the offending clanmate because, well meaning or not, hey. Two, the bug, injured but not diseased, fell from Coalwhisker’s head and onto it’s back, unbroken legs wiggling skyward. Three, and this was truly the unfortunate one, the scent of the warriors’ den transformed from feline body odor to feline body odor and eggs that have gone bad half a moon ago.

    Coalwhisker smartly fled the scene, coming to a stop a few steps outside of the den’s mouth and turning just in time to watch tired and disgruntled warriors file out in his wake. ”Anyone want to fess up to— whatever it is that happened in there?


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    tomato, pear || stink-bug Empty Re: tomato, pear || stink-bug

    Post by hanakosong Sun Dec 27, 2020 9:09 am

    The sunsets during leafbare were truly spectacular, at least in Asterpool's opinion. Bare trees meant that it was easier to observe the encroaching inky sky meet the painted horizon for a longer amount of time. The orange tabby was sat happily outside of her den with a few stray herbs that had long lost her attention, observing the close of yet another day. Activity in the camp was winding down as warriors and apprentices and the like settled in for the evening. Asterpool sat sentinel to it all, yellow-green gaze trained on the sky above. A few early ancestors dotted the darkened portion of the sky and Asterpool felt at peace.
    A sudden commotion from the warriors' den resulted in several cats fleeing from the confines, fur on end and annoyance written clearly in their expressions. Concerned, Asterpool pushed to her paws and trotted quickly over. Encountering Coalwhisker first, Asterpool's nose wrinkled at the stench clinging to his fur and permeating the air around the den.
    "Oh, stars, that smells," she mumbled, taking a quick step back. "What happened?"

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    tomato, pear || stink-bug Empty Re: tomato, pear || stink-bug

    Post by kiwi Thu Jan 07, 2021 5:32 pm

    tomato, pear || stink-bug Rsz-img-3356
    thunderclan - kit - male - 3 moons - tags

    "it smells like someone didn't go to the bathroom where they were supposed to!" mushroom piped up to answer asterpool's question, the small scrawny tom who didn't smell much better himself coming over to see what exactly had happened. he couldn't see what was going on in the warrior's den though, as he was too far from it; but he sure could smell it. he kind of wished he had been the one to cause the evacuation, though, as it would have been enjoyable and funny in his eyes. "but really, is that what happened? i wasn't in there. sadly."

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