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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    All around me are familiar faces..{P. Darkstar}


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    All around me are familiar faces..{P. Darkstar}  Empty All around me are familiar faces..{P. Darkstar}

    Post by Driftingskies Tue Dec 29, 2020 7:21 pm

    "Why your father even bothered bringing you here to Shadowclan I will never know!" Violetcrow would hiss as Driftingskies and her were in the middle of one of their spats. Driftingskies was staring at the ground, ears flattened against her skull as anger and grief washed over her, "I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS!!" Drift would snarl back, tail lashing as she fought back tears. It was true, Drift never asked to be born, let alone to be brought to Shadowclan. What would her life be like if she had just gone back to Skyclan? If her mother had just taken her in and raised her there? Would she still be alive? 

    Those thoughts alone made her claws unsheathe as she rose to her paws and growled, "Don't forget that I have just as much on you that you have on me, Violetcrow...." 

    "Yes, you do." The older she-cat would only narrow her eyes, her demeanor never once faltering or getting worked up, "But we both know that if you speak our family truth, it won't just be me you scorn, but the clans will go to war. You really think Darkstar will be able to keep the fact that one of her warriors killed another cat's medicine cat and Skyclan will just take that lying down?" Violetcrow would smirk in a manner never seen by any cat other than Driftingskies and her father, "So go ahead. Tell Darkstar all about me." and with that, she would scoff and turn to return to camp. 

    Drift would stand there, practically boiling in rage and self-defeat. She knows her 'mother' is right. The secrets she and her family held could destroy more than just their lives. After several heartbeats to calm down, she would let out a heavy sigh and turn to head deeper into the forest. Maybe some solo hunting would clear her mind. 


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