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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    Whispers in the wind | Morningsplash's Intro


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    Whispers in the wind | Morningsplash's Intro Empty Whispers in the wind | Morningsplash's Intro

    Post by ~Nightrose~ Sat Jan 02, 2021 2:00 pm

    Whispers in the wind | Morningsplash's Intro Flamingtext_com_1585330525_1008087992
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    The brown seal point she cat sat in the sun, enjoying the sounds around her as her pelt soaked in its warmth opening her duel coloured eyes she peered at the land around her butterflies fluttered to the different flowers in the field she sat in, a small breeze flowed through the long grass and what it brought with it sent a chill down her spine. Shaking her head slightly she thought it was just her imagination rolling in the long grass with a soft purr she reopened her eyes with a start as the scene around her changed, terror filled screeches now rang through her ears instead of being lightly heard in the breeze like she thought before. 

    Now laying on packed dirt she watched as her clan mates ran away from the fire looking for any escape one could find, she felt teeth sink into her scruff as she was picked up and carried away from the blazing heat and panic filled gazes of the others of her clan. The tell tale groan from a tree could be heard as it toppled over falling and trapping a couple of her clan mates in "They need help." she mewed trying to free herself from the one that carried her only receiving a growl in which she realized who carried her "Blackstorm please." her cries were ignored as she was carried further away from the place she used to call home.

    Morningsplash woke with a start her breathing laboured as she tried to calm her nerves, she was a survivor of that night. Although the same could not be said for her saviour Blackstorm had carried her a long ways before they reached a new place to them somehow they had been accepted into a new clan one called Shadowclan but he had passed away a few moons after from complications with his breathing, one of her brothers and one she would miss dearly as she was now alone. She was uncertain if anyone else from her old clan had survived but she hoped that more had survived, maybe some others would come this way and join her. Sighing she moved herself from the area of the camp she had fallen asleep in, it wasn't like her to fall asleep in random places but there's always a first. 
    The shaded brown seal point looked around her hoping no one had noticed her startled expression as she woke, shaking out the dirt from her pelt she began to smooth out her fur.

    Once her pelt was smooth and gleamed a little she put a small smile on her face wondering if she might be picked by someone to go out, it had been 7 moons since she had arrived here and she liked to think she wasn't such a stranger that some of the clan trusted her enough as she had just been 7 moons when she came here.
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    Whispers in the wind | Morningsplash's Intro Flamingtext_com_1600722321_256983391
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    Whispers in the wind | Morningsplash's Intro Empty Re: Whispers in the wind | Morningsplash's Intro

    Post by kiwi Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:33 am

    shadowclan - apprentice - female - 9 moons - tags

    "hey, morningsplash!" a soft purr greeted the warrior who was only a mere few moons older than herself, the apprentice's tail flicking in the air behind her. as she approached closer to the molly, though, her medicinal instincts kicked in - and something, about her. she tilted her head slightly, wondering if she should point it out or not. she didn't want to embarrass her, but also..she was worried. "is everything alright? you seem a little..uptight."

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