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Must've Been the Wind | Tigershine of Riverclan

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Must've Been the Wind | Tigershine of Riverclan Empty Must've Been the Wind | Tigershine of Riverclan

Post by Esveidy.2019 on Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:31 pm


Name: Tigerkit, Tigerpaw, Tigershine
Age: 34 Moons
Gender: Female
Rank: Medicine Cat
Appearance: Lilac mackerel tabby she-cat with large yellow-green eyes


History: Tigerkit was born in Riverclan alongside her sister, Bristlekit. Their mother was a Riverclan warrior, while their father was the Windclan Medicine Cat at the time. Neither clan knew of the of this affair for a while, until the death of Creekfrost rumored at the next Gathering. His sister, Fawndance, came to Riverclan to take one of the girls back home with her. Lightheart refused to give up one of her daughters since Creekfrost and her agreed to never separate their kits from one another without them having a say so. Fawndance threatened to tell the clans about the affair to have them all be shamed forever. As much as the Riverclan queen disliked having her girls be apart, she gave in and agreed as Fawndance took the kit who looked most like her brother. 

Tigerpaw took the path of a medic to honor her father, and because she had been drawn to herbs as a way to help her be distracted from being away from her sister. to be continued...
Personality: tbc
Parents: Lightheart X Creekfrost (npcs)
Kin: Fawndance (npc)
Siblings: Bristlefrost
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Kits: Open
Sexuality: Homesexual

- Her scent is honey and floral
- tbc

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