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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    WHATS A GIRL LIKE ME TO DO? - cookie's intro!


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    WHATS A GIRL LIKE ME TO DO? - cookie's intro! Empty WHATS A GIRL LIKE ME TO DO? - cookie's intro!

    Post by kiwi Wed Jan 06, 2021 7:40 pm

    WHATS A GIRL LIKE ME TO DO? - cookie's intro! Rsz-img-0308
    bloodclan - warrior - female - 17 moons - tags

    cookie wasn't the best fighter in the clan, that was for sure. hell, she wasn't even the best clan member. she acted like others didn't notice and continued on with her life - thats just how she was; she was always oblivious - but bloodclan wasn't her full-time duty. she had other priorities - like being a kittypet. rarely would she be seen past sundown, as she would be running back to her twolegs to sleep in a nice warm bed and eat kittypet food. if you were to ask her where she was coming from or going to, she would just stare at you. really. she would just stare dumbfounded at you, like she didn't hear you. and it usually got so uncomfortable that the conversation was turned around.

    the prissy little munchkin was bounding back towards bloodclan camp with her tail straight in the air, her short little legs waddling beneath her, her bright pink collar shining as the bell on it twinkled - she had no teeth on her collar, she refused; she also refused to take off the bell, so she was rarely sent on any patrols whether it be border or hunting for this exact reason - and on the way, her eyes caught a butterfly. a pretty little blue butterfly, drifting into the air and then every few feet landing on the pavement again. perhaps she could use this to practice her hunting?

    quickly, she dropped into a hunter's crouch and her bell on her collar immediately made a noise. she ignored it; she rarely heard it anymore as she was used to it, but for everyone else it was a warning sign that cookie was on her way. the molly slowly crept forward, perhaps in one of the utmost worst stances anyone had seen. but the butterfly didn't move, not yet. she got close where she could pounce, and - boom! she got it!

    she didn't believe it at first. she lift up her paw and saw the crushed butterfly, and at first she felt bad. but then she thought: i caught it! "i caught it!" she gawked, a little squeal in her voice. her head shot up, frantically looking around, wondering if anyone had seen what she had just accomplished. nobody would believe her if she told them!

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