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STEALING CATMINT - dustynose intro

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STEALING CATMINT - dustynose intro Empty STEALING CATMINT - dustynose intro

Post by kiwi on Wed Jan 06, 2021 7:57 pm

STEALING CATMINT - dustynose intro Rsz-1image0
darkclan - wise one - male - 112 moons - tags

it was like a james bond mission, it truly was. except the difference between dustynose and james bond was that bond liked to be sneaky, he didn't like to be seen; and dustynose, well, if he got caught he didn't care. he would always get his way, not fair and square, but he would get his way. he flicked an ear as he padded out of the elder's den, his feet nearly dragging on the ground and light washed from his eyes. he didn't have any happiness lately. it was hard, knowing he had outlived his mate and all his kits and now he was just here, on his last leg, basically waiting to go to starclan - or, at this point, the dark forest.

he didn't see owlgaze when he entered the medicine den. good. he didn't need to be battered by the younger time at this hour; he just wanted to get his stuff and go. he glanced at some sick npc's, his eyes telling them not to say a word as he found what he needed: catnip. he snagged some in his maw, turning to gimp his way out of the den. he wasn't hurt; but when you are his age, sleeping the wrong way makes you sore. he exited to the den, and glanced around, wondering what a good place would be to make use of his item.


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