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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    i'll keep the king || one-shot


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    i'll keep the king || one-shot Empty i'll keep the king || one-shot

    Post by ghost Sat Jan 09, 2021 10:54 pm

    SkyClan Medic | High-White Bicolor

    The herbs Chervilnose had collected for tonight are those of prayer, not healing.

    A moonless sky hangs overhead, lacking but not barren. The brilliant stars provide enough scant light to travel by, and the underfoot snow glitters their reflection back upwards, so that StarClan may see themselves as they are seen from below. As Chervilnose slips from camp, nodding in acknowledgement to the guard sitting vigil at the mouth, he carries a leaf-bundle in his jaws. The scent of such is intoxicating enough that the guard’s nostrils flare curiously.

    Chervilnose walks upon trodden snow for a time, a distinct path that countless patrols have already walked, the pawsteps forming the path overlapping and unidentifiable. When Chervilnose reaches a certain point, he needs to step high to get upon the untouched snow, and from this point on travels by awkward rabbit-hops, leaving a series of impressions of his body in his wake.

    The spot he has chosen isn’t in any way special beyond a feeling, something in his gut telling him so, just as so often in informs him as to how the world should be.

    His destination is a young birch tree. Chervilnose is certain it is unknowably old in comparison to himself, but it is markedly shorter than it’s elders. Beneath it, the snow is shallow enough to be walked upon without sinking. Chervilnose drops his herb bundle, then stretches against the side of the tree. He digs scratches into its thin bark, and marvels at how easily the bark peels from its base.

    Not one to be distracted for long, Chervilnose turns his attention to his herb bundle. The leaf he’d used to carry the rest is that of a fern, although it has since gone brittle in the cold. At Chervilnose’s prodding, the leaf breaks into fragments of itself, revealing what was inside. Rosemary for focus, silvervine for visions, and poppy seeds for sleep.

    The first thing he does is chew the silvervine. The sprig he has is thin and young, the bark malleable in his mouth. The scent of it is alluring in the same way of catmint- although sweet where catmint is heady. The effects are almost instantaneous. Chervilnose has been fasting since this morning, and the silvervine lifts the hunger-induced fog that has settled over Chervilnose’s mind.

    In an instant, he feels as though he can climb a tree in a single breath. His vision is sharper, over-defined, and every scent around him feels as though it is right beneath his nose. Every sound close enough that Chervilnose can feel it disturbing the hair of his ears. The world is close, far too close, and the energy in Chervilnose’s limbs feels foriegn. Chervilnose needs to work quickly before the silvervine can overwhelm him into a panic; he eats the rosemary without chewing, and then licks the poppy seeds from the ground, three in total.

    The herbs taken are of contradictory effect. The silvervine, along with its vision, brings unfathomable energy, and it widens the perception of an individual until the noise is suffocating. The rosemary is meant to narrow the world back into something that can be understood, and the poppy is meant to combat the over-excitement. Chervilnose lays down directly onto the snow, headless of the cold, and his body twitches with the energy imbued.

    At the same time, his mind slows to that resembling pre-sleep. Overwrought and warring, Chervilnose remembers to murmur his prayer just before sleep takes him.


    When Chervilnose wakes, it is only a short while later. Without the moon to track the changing time, in his delirium Chervilnose thinks for a moment that no time has passed at all. At the same time, his dream feels as though it has happened concurrently with taking the herbs. It is all so very confusing, and Chervilnose knows he will need to sort his thoughts further upon daybreak.

    Chervilnose rises from the snow and buries the silvervine sprig to be used later. He walks back to camp on the same path he had taken to leave, the effects of the silvervine still a whisper in his mind. While powerful, it is a short lasting herb, and Chervilnose’s head will be fully clear come morning.

    He will need time to fully understand the depths of what he has seen, but of two things Chervilnose is certain. He is to seek out a medicine cat apprentice, and whoever it is that is StarClan’s chosen has already been born, waiting for Chervilnose to see them.


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