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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN


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    Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN Empty Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN

    Post by .nico. Thu Feb 04, 2021 5:08 pm



    Padding out of the leader's den and making his way over to the High Rock, Solarstar had to think of the clan. His illness had not been getting better and now he knew that he would have to step down. Climbing up to the top, the large feline called for the clan. "All cats of ThunderClan gather beneath High Rock for a clan meeting!" The golden-chocolate tabby felt his heart breaking with each word he spoke. "I come to stand before you today to inform you of a decision I’ve made. My illness has not gotten better, but it has not seemed to affect any other feline in the clan. Today I struggle to keep up with my duties and my deputy has been nowhere to be found within the clan. However, I have seen a face that has been active around the clan and I call upon my warrior ancestors to approve my choice of ThunderClan’s new leader.”

    He paused, filled with a rasping cough. “The new leader of ThunderClan will be Coalwhisker. May his reign be filled with health and prosperity during his many moons.”

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    Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN Empty Re: Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN

    Post by Chrysalispaw Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:09 pm


    Solarstar was stepping down? Chrys' deep green eyes furrowed lightly as her now former leader renounced his leadership and handed the mantle over to none other than Coalwhisker. A good choice, though the apprentice was unsure whether this change of power was a good or bad omen for her soon to be warriorship. Still, the she-cat wasn't a complete negative nancy, and so she would call out the name of the new leader just as loudly as the rest of her clan. Chrysalispaw's gaze would linger on Solarstar however, concern for his health still evident in her youthful features. Perhaps she could bring him something to eat later to lift his spirits? 


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    Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN Empty Re: Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN

    Post by ghost Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:11 pm

    thunderclan warrior | solid black | oriental short-hair | tags

    Coalwhisker is no fool, and he refuses to be mistaken for one.

    No, no, he is no fool. A coward; he runs, from his past, from his family, but Coalwhisker is no fool. Solarstar says Coalwhisker’s name, certain as he is sick, and the spike of fear Coalwhisker feels is sharp enough to embolden him into acting, his over-large ears alternating between standing at attention and folding against his neck. Eyes are on him-- wondering if he is unworthy? Celebrating him?

    May StarClan grant me a life as healthy and as prosperous as yours,” He sneers, and what a great responsibility has been dropped at his paws with the same fanfare of a gift from a coquettish clanmate.

    A wiser tom would turn on his heels and march off, leave ThunderClan to figure out what they were to do during these colder moons. StarClan, if there well and truly is such a thing, knows that Coalwhisker has never let sentiment compromise his choices. Like the coward he is, Coalwhisker could turn tail and run, somewhere warmer, somewhere safer. For a time, for a lifetime, he could forget about the moons this eclectic group has housed him.

    In his older moons, maybe Coalwhisker will look back on the time he spent in an ancestor-worshipping cult, sometimes with fondness and sometimes with anger. He would recall how he went by Coalwhisker, and he would tell some annoying little kits about the time he narrowly avoided being locked into a position of leadership in this winter-barren place.

    Curse it all, maybe Coalwhisker is a sentimental fool, because he sees a frustrating kit in his imagined future and he knows he cannot possibly leave, knowing a certain clinging thing will try and follow. Despite the perceived ills of this clan, it is safe as long as it is united. Coalwhisker may need to travel far in order to find something else like this, and even then, he could walk for the rest of his life and never find another like it.

    Coalwhisker marches to the Highrock and lands atop in a graceful leap. So this is where he stands now, this is who he is now. The hammer of his heart is strong enough that he feels his pulse in the pads of his paws. With time, the snow will thaw and Coalwhisker will be left wading through mud until Greenleaf can once more harden the ground. Life’s predictable cycle will not, has never, stopped for Coalwhisker.

    He is always the one left scrambling to catch up.

    Any delay and I’ll be soon to change my mind,” Coalwhisker announces, the yellow of his eyes never leaving Solarstar. “We’ll leave tomorrow. Before dawn.

    And with that, Coalwhisker slinks from the Highrock in a fluid motion, the points of his shoulder blades visible as he marches, resolute, falsely so, to the warriors’ den.


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    Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN Empty Re: Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN

    Post by hanakosong Mon Feb 08, 2021 7:21 pm

    a s t e r p o o l

    She already knew about Solarstar - how could she not? She had been privy to his illness and the progression of the disease as she treated his symptoms. But even Asterpool's herbs and prayers couldn't seem to heal ThunderClan's leader.
    There was a part of the cheerful she-cat that felt like she had failed in her duties. But StarClan had not moved to interfere, nor had they removed the illness when Solarstar lost a life. It merely clung like burs to fur. In the end, there was nothing the orange tabby could do to prevent Solarstar's fate. So she sat beneath his perch as ThunderClan rippled with the news of his descent and Coalwhisker's appointment.
    Her yellow-green eyes latched onto the tom that was now to lead them, nodding to his comment about leaving before dawn. The traveling herbs were already prepared, and she had eaten before the meeting so that she might last through the period of fasting prior. She knew Coalwhisker well enough to know that this position could be both good and bad for him. It all depended on how he approached leadership, and Asterpool would be there every step of the way.
    "We leave at dawn," she repeated, mostly to herself. ThunderClan was entering a new era.

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    Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN Empty Re: Saying goodbye is so hard to do | STEPPING DOWN

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