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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN


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    Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN Empty Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN

    Post by .nico. Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:34 pm



    The scarred feline approached the gathering area. They had been putting off this announcement. They had never been meant to be leader. They weren’t strong and they knew they needed to put their clan first. Climbing to the top of the ledge, Dogstar called to their clan. “All cats old enough to swim, please gather beneath the High Ledge for a clan meeting!” Their voice echoed slightly, their voice solemn. “I call you here for a purpose. My deputy has been no where to be found and I haven’t been in a great mindset to lead this clan. I have finally decided to step down and retake my warrior name.” They looked up to the stars and then back to their clan. “I name my choice to be your new leader in my place. Ramstrike, you have proven that you are strong and will help us grow once again. May your reign be one that puts the fear of RiverClan back in cats.”

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    Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN Empty Re: Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN

    Post by Tulippaw Fri Feb 05, 2021 3:06 pm

    Rain helps the flowers grow

    What? What? WHAT?! 

    Tulippaw tumbled rather ungracefully from the apprentice den when Dogstar called for a meeting, but she hadn't expected THIS type of announcement! The fluffy she-cat would plop down into a sitting position near the sides, looking up at her now-former leader with an expression of sadness. Why did Dogstar have to step down? Surely this was just a rut they could get through together! But, if this was the decision then Tulip supposed she had to honor it. Her ears would perk up in interest as the new leader was named. 


    Who was that? The young she-cat would tilt her head in curiosity as her dark green gaze fluttered from face to face. Would the newly named leader stand up to claim their new title? 


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    Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN Empty Re: Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN

    Post by kiwi Tue Feb 09, 2021 7:30 pm

    Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN Rsz-image0
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    when the leader said she would be stepping down, ramstrike felt a bit of gratitude in his heart. good. they needed a new leader, anyways. someone strong. someone ambitious. someone that was him. he deserved the deputy role, he always had; it was just a waiting game now. he knew he was worthy of being a deputy; hell, of being a leader, but he just needed the chance. the chance to prove himself, what he could do for the clan, cause them to grow, reclaim their strength.

    then dogstar announced a name. a name that he recognized very well. no way. he had to be hearing things. this was just far too good to be true. he was taken aback. he had just been complaining to himself about how he deserved the role; and now he was actually being given it? starclan was in for a treat. all the clans were in for a treat. his mind was moving quick, he felt something cold in his body. he didn't know what it was yet. but he felt it, and it was strong. it was like he was falling into a frozen river, drowning in the hypothermic waters. it was like he was biting into a frozen ice cream cone, a shock of cold sent through your body. it was racing through him, it was everywhere.

    a grin traced his face as he pushed himself to his feet to meet dogstar's gaze. "thank you dogstar," he told the molly with a dip of his head. "i would be more than pleased to fulfill the duties of a leader." his gazed moved around to look at those in the clan, look for reactions. he almost hoped to see reactions of those who didn't approve. that way, he would know who to exile as soon as he returned. he flicked his tail, his head held higher than it had ever been before.

    "we'll be leaving by tomorrow's sunrise," he announces. he would waste no time. he had to get in the reigns as soon as he could and take over. the clan, the forest, it needed him. he was ready to take on this role;

    however, was the forest ready for him?

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    Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN Empty Re: Goodbyes aren’t forever | STEPPING DOWN

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