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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    CLAW & BITE & PUNCH | ramstar's moonstone return


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    CLAW & BITE & PUNCH | ramstar's moonstone return Empty CLAW & BITE & PUNCH | ramstar's moonstone return

    Post by kiwi Tue Feb 09, 2021 10:16 pm

    CLAW & BITE & PUNCH | ramstar's moonstone return Rsz-image0
    riverclan - warrior - male - 23 moons - tags

    the trip had gone smoothly, despite the fact that he barely talked to the medicine cat the entire trip. he kept to himself, his thoughts festering in his head, trying to figure out what his first decrees would be and what he would do to really kick off his newfound position as the leader of RiverClan. overall the trip was pretty quick too; he wasn't wasting much time here. he would admit it was cool to see some of the cats he had seen, but he couldn't help but notice some of the looks on their faces. they seemed nervous. was it because they feared how greatly he would propel RiverClan to victory?

    upon entering the camp, he kept his head high and his tail high behind him. he didn't need to announce his return; a lot of the members of camp had been waiting on his return anyways, so as soon as he walked in many had already noticed. it took everything in his power not to immediately start commanding those around him. however, now that he had the right, he would call a meeting to set some things straight. "all members of RiverClan gather beneath high rock for a meeting!" he called as he climbed up, feeling a deep pounding in his chest with the excitement of being able to call that gathering with no repercussions; after all, he was the leader. he was allowed to do this, it was his job. "there are a few things that must be..discussed."


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    CLAW & BITE & PUNCH | ramstar's moonstone return Empty Re: CLAW & BITE & PUNCH | ramstar's moonstone return

    Post by Tulippaw Wed Feb 10, 2021 4:26 pm

    Rain helps the flowers grow

    Tulip-paw had been busy patching up some weak spots in the nursery walls when Ramstar returned from the moonstone. At the call for a meeting, her ears would perk up in excitement and she would bounce over to get the best seat. Ramstars' first meeting as a leader! How exciting was that? Did Starclan give him a prophecy? 

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