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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    Site Rules & World Building


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    Site Rules & World Building Empty Site Rules & World Building

    Post by .nico. Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:10 pm

    Site Rules

    With any site, there are some rules and guidelines that you do have to follow. However, these rules are meant to keep the community safe from harm and damage caused by any members.

    1. This is a 13+ community. This means that swearing is allowed within the site and characters will be allowed to swear as well.
    2. Please use warnings in the title of your post and state what the Trigger Warning is.
    3. Any mature topics (rape, suicide, sex, and drugs) are not allowed on this site
    4. This is an anti-bullying, anti-racism, anti-homophobia site. There is an exception and that is IC speech, but be warned. Any character that does so must have a "IC thoughts only" tag within the post itself and they will be subject to IC punishment.
    5. If you roleplay a higher position, such as a leader, deputy, or medicine cat, and you fall inactive for two weeks or longer, you will receive one warning and then your character will automatically be replaced.
    6. When roleplaying a higher position, you may only have two HPs at a time. This means if you play a leader, you can only play one other higher position.
    7. No god-modding! With that being said, you can powerplay if you have the other rper's expressed consent in the topic itself.
    8. This is the most important rule of them all. HAVE FUN! Yes, we want you to have fun on this site! After all, it's roleplaying fictional cats and this is meant to be for fun

    World Building

    So, here's where the semi-AU comes into place! We're currently a site that is taking away all the established canon and throwing it away. That includes all the code and lore that comes with the clans! The fun part is...YOU GET TO DECIDE! Yes, you all get to decide what happens. The clans' first leader (NPC) will be the very first one and will promote a deputy IC! That deputy will eventually take over once we have enough players to do so! It's all about having fun on this site so you can create your own clan. The books' characters, since this is an AU, wouldn't have existed in the first place. So, that means, no Scourge and no Firestar.

    Now, with semi-realism, that means that these characters will have the ability to have the powers from the books, which will be up for purchase in a shop using freshkill. You will also, with a purchase of freshkill, be able to rp a small wildcat mix (savannahs, ocicats, etc). Other languages, much like our world, can come to exist.

    So, bring something new and something creative to this site!

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