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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    surely tomorrow and the days after || gathering patrols


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    surely tomorrow and the days after || gathering patrols  Empty surely tomorrow and the days after || gathering patrols

    Post by ghost Sat Feb 13, 2021 11:34 pm

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    Even during Sunhigh the bitter cold is inescapable. The days have grown longer since the height of Leafbare, yet the warmth still hasn’t returned. Around Coalstar, his clanmates huddle in patches of sunlight, sharing in their body heat and gathering as much of the scant warmth as they can on their pelts before the sun begins to dip towards the horizon and they are all collectively forced to face the biting air once more.

    With seemingly everyone present, Coalstar lights on top of the Highrock and looks over ThunderClan’s camp. There are things expected of him, this Coalstar knows. Words he is supposed to speak to gather the clan together. Such traditions feel ill-fitting and tight, something Coalstar could suffocate in.

    Instead, he clears his throat thrice, each time louder than the last, and barks out, “HEY!” loud enough that eyes and ears alike snap to Coalstar in attention.

    The silence that follows feels terribly awkward. Coalstar finds that, even in knowing what to say, he hasn’t any idea on how to say it.

    Everyone,” He begins, and it feels needless. Coalstar is unpracticed in speaking to others in general, let alone this many at once. He takes a breath, holds it, and shuts his eyes against the world, “We need to- I need to… alert the other clans of our recent change in leadership, and I am in need of those willing to travel with me to… do that.


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    surely tomorrow and the days after || gathering patrols  Empty Re: surely tomorrow and the days after || gathering patrols

    Post by kiwi Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:12 pm

    surely tomorrow and the days after || gathering patrols  Rsz-img-3356
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    mushroom hadn't been in the clan for too long, he had only been around for a bit of solarstar's reign, but he is pretty sure either way that the leader isn't just supposed to yell "hey" to get everyone's attention. but then again, he is new to the clan and just a kit; what does he know about the rules? he flicked an ear, the stench-ridden, flea-bitten kit jumping to his paws to pad over to see what all the ruckus was about. he saw other cats moving past him, some moving closer to the rock than others.

    coalstar continued speaking to say he needed a patrol to go to the other clans. mushroom always forgot there were other clans. nonetheless, he would still go. "i'll come," he cawed immediately, not even waiting a second or two. after all, he was the bravest in the clan! "you'll need me, i know it." he still disagreed with the rule that young cats couldn't leave camp.

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