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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    Tribe of Jagged Stones plot/discussion thread!


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    Tribe of Jagged Stones plot/discussion thread! Empty Tribe of Jagged Stones plot/discussion thread!

    Post by Rock-aholic Tue May 04, 2021 5:59 pm

    Tribe of Jagged Stones plot/discussion thread! 8GG5UHIlH4nXeSlelzwH6nBgImsFqdiVOfBjHvxCh4Zp9_FiUP3zSaF8_kQI5wXghkxSdxTR2dCN9j2JVGcI8kSoj--QXNSfwhgXEDqaBMqTc23znRYcKCJae2sSNJf_26iwK8nq

    Tribe Of Jagged Stones
    "Stone Strong"

    Males (5) - Females (4) = (9) cats
    Stoneteller: Storm that Stirs Clouds - 30 Moons - Grey blue tom with white markings yellow eyes - Rped by Rock-aholic

    Prey-Hunters :
    Beetle that Crawls on a log -40 moons- A slim black tom with piercing yellow eyes- Rped by Kiwi

    Cave-Guards :
    Shadows that Night Follows- 23 Moons- Black and white speckled she-cat yellow-green eyes- Rped by Rock-aholic

    Ant that Hides in the Hill - 30 moons- Tall and muscular longhaired black tom with light yellow eyes. Rped by Sweetpea


    Fire that Burns the Dark - 8 Moons - Dark ginger tom with black markings light yellow eyes- Rped by Rock-aholic (prey-hunter to-be)
    Wolf that Stalks the Forest - 9 moons - tuxedu she-cat with a black and white underbelly
    - Rped by Azymondias (stoneteller to-be)

    Sun Shining on Grass - 12 moons- Pale long haired brown-and white- tabby tom with blue eyes- Rped by Sweetpea (prey- hunter to-be)

    Rain that Falls Softly- 22 moons- Sledner calliby with a stubby tail and brilliant amber eyes- Rped by Sweetpea


    Fog Blocking out the Sunlight - 140 moons- Scraggly grey-and-white she-cat with a flattened face and wild whiskers -Rped by Sweetpea


    Snow that Falls from Sky - F - Sister of Storm

    Mountain that Touches Sky -M- Father of Shadows

    Echo that Fades into Gorge -F- Mother of Fire

    Flash of Quick Lightning-M- Brother of Fire

    Panther that Stalks at Night -M- Brother of Beetle

    Icicle Melting at Dawn - F- Mother of Rain

    Screech of Swooping Falcon-M- Father of Rain

    Rain's 3 6 moon old kits are adoptable!

    Mountain that Stands Strong -M- Father of Sun

    Twin sibling of Sun is adoptable

    Relationships :
    cat 1 + cat 2 =   Tribe of Jagged Stones plot/discussion thread! 1f618  (crush)
    cat 1 + cat 2 =  Tribe of Jagged Stones plot/discussion thread! 1f495 (mates)
    cat 1 + cat 2 = Tribe of Jagged Stones plot/discussion thread! 1f46a (family)

    Mentor = To-Be


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