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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    The Tribe of Rushing Water Guide

    Tribe of Rushing Water

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    The Tribe of Rushing Water Guide Empty The Tribe of Rushing Water Guide

    Post by Tribe of Rushing Water Sat Sep 26, 2020 9:24 pm

    The Tribe of Rushing Water


     The Tribe of Rushing Water resides on the mountain range that over looks the clans, the clans call the mountain Highstones.  The cats that reside there are resilient and camouflaged to blend in with the rocks, this camouflage also helps keep them warm in the high altitudes of the mountain.Their camp is located at the end of a rocky path that leads behind the waterfall, screening them from the outside.


    The Tribe does not have any scent markers on their borders because their believed to use the territory on all of the mountain. No cat dares want any of their land currently.

    The Tree Rock:
    The Tree Rock is a tree that juts out over big rocks. The roots of the tree are like giant claws. It is a place where queens are known to give birth. The rock was carved from wind and water that flowed through the area. The tree has apparently been there for decades and will hopefully remain longer

    Cave of Rushing Water:
    The Cave of Rushing Water is the cave in which the Tribe of Rushing Water lives. It is behind a waterfall, within this cave is a tunnel that leads to the Cave of Pointed Stones.There are two separate smaller caves in which the kit-mothers and to-bes shelter and sleep in.

    Cave of the Pointed Stones:
    The Cave of the Pointed Stones is where the healer of the Tribe of Rushing Water, Teller of the Pointed Stones (Stoneteller), communicates with their warrior ancestors, The Tribe of Endless Hunting. In this cave there are many "pointed stones" on the floor and ceiling,There also are many puddles of water, along with one big puddle, behind which the healer sits.


    Stoneteller | Glow of Setting Sun | Played by: NPC
    Leader and healer - two very important roles. They hold a responsibility to lead and also to be knowledgeable in herbs and healing. It is custom for the leader to drop their name and go simply by Stoneteller, although for the sake of roleplaying, they go by either to distinguish them easier. They are responsible for interpreting the signs of rock, leaf, and water to read messages from the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Unlike clan leaders, Stonetellers do not have nine lives, so they don't leave the cave often.

    Stoneteller to-be | Song Upon Whispering Wind | Played by: @~Nightrose~
    The Stoneteller will receive an omen from the Tribe of Endless Hunting when it is time to choose their own to-be. They will be trained to be the new leader, in the skills of medicine, omen reading and up-keeping the Tribe. These cats have the option, as an adult, to not follow through with the role. It is traditional that a kit is selected to be the Stoneteller to-be at the time of its birth, though in the modern era, the role has not been exclusively filled by kits.

    Senior Prey Hunter:
    Senior prey-hunters are chosen by their exemplar hunting abilities and their prominent leadership skills. They are expected to assist the Stoneteller in keeping the Tribe in order. Senior prey-hunters, specifically watch over the duties and training of prey-hunters and their to-be's. They work with the senior cave-guards to send out patrols and hunting parties.

    Senior Cave Guard:
    Senior cave-guards are chosen by their exemplar fighting abilities and their prominent leadership skills. They are expected to assist the Stoneteller in keeping the Tribe in order. Senior cave-guards, specifically watch over the duties and training of cave-guards and their to-be's. They work with the senior prey-hunters to send out patrols and hunting parties.

     Prey Hunters:
    Small, quick cats with highly trained skills in hunting, able to jump high to catch birds and other animals using camouflage, stealth and surprise. These cats are specifically chosen from birth, based on their lithe and agile builds, to serve the Tribe by providing food, especially for nursing cats and the young and old. They rely on speed as there is a lack of cover in the alpine territory. They typically work in teams to bring down large birds of prey, such as eagles and hawks. Prey-hunters often coat themselves in mud; this disguises them, covers their scent, and protects against the wind. A group of cave-guards accompany them on hunts to spot trouble.
    Tasks that Prey-Hunters might encounter:
    ~Hunting for the Tribe
    ~Bringing water in moss to camp
    ~Encountering new areas in search of prey
    ~Being aware of herb locations/health for the Stoneteller
    ~Building stamina and tactics for ways to get prey in tough conditions
    ~Collecting driftwood, moss and feathers on their hunts that the Cave-Guards can use

    Cave Guards:
    Cave-guards are thick, strong, and lean cats that protect and guard the entrance of the Tribe's cave. They are the main fighting force of the Tribe and have the responsibility of defending the cave from predators such as big birds and Sharptooths. Watching the skies to protect the prey-hunters from hawks and eagles while they hunt is another one of their responsibilities, as well as escorting them out on the territory to spot trouble. To hide their scent and blend in with the rocky scenery, they often coat themselves with mud. These cats are chosen from birth for their muscular and stocky build.

    The Tribe's equivalent of an apprentice, to-bes are young cats in training. They are trained in either prey-hunting or cave-guarding according to what the Stoneteller assigned them at birth. This is typically based on if the kit looks like it can run fast or has a strong build. Tribe cats believe that they are born into their duty, though they can change positions. Historically, to-bes begin their training at eight moons.

    Cats that are pregnant, or are mothers to kits under five moons; the equivalent of queens in a clan. A prey-hunter or cave-guard becomes a kit-mother when they become heavily pregnant and cannot continue with their duties. When they have their kits, they remain kit-mothers for a time to nurse them. An ancient tradition is that kit-mothers name their kits after what they see when their kits are first born.

    Kits are young cats that are not yet to-be's. Unable to perform duties yet, they stay in the nursery with their mother. At their birth, it is foretold by the Stoneteller if they will become a prey-hunter, a cave-guard, or the next Teller of Pointed Stones. Kits that seem fast and lithe will be prey-hunters, while kits appearing strong will become cave-guards. At the age of six moons, they become to-bes.

    Retired prey-hunters or cave-guards of the Tribe, the oldest and weakest members. They are often consulted in times of difficulty, similar to the clan elders. They are fed by the prey-hunters and protected by the cave-guards.


    The Tribe of Rushing Water believe in an afterlife in which their ancestors go to called the Tribe of Endless Hunting located in a different section of the stars then the ancestors of the clans Starclan. They only eat one meal a day, and share their prey with another in the tribe.


    Allies: None currently.
    Neutral: Darkclan, currently unknown.
    Enemies: None currently.


    [1] Please be respectful towards your other RPers.
    [2] This is a traditional clan, try your best to keep it that way please.
    [3] Bullying will absolutely NOT be tolerated.
    [4] Include everyone. No cliques please.
    [5] If your having problems with another RPer, contact the current Stoneteller's player and inform them. Staff will get involved if necessary.


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