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Noise in the Streets | Bain's Intro

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Noise in the Streets | Bain's Intro Empty Noise in the Streets | Bain's Intro

Post by ~Nightrose~ on Fri Oct 02, 2020 10:29 am

Noise in the Streets | Bain's Intro Flamingtext_com_1587686741_267822367

Green eyes glowed from the shadows as the suns beams attempted to light the alleyway the bob tailed sat down, he had been searching for rats or mice when he had heard another sound that of fighting cats and his ears perked up knowing usually it was just strangers fighting for food because the other got to it first or one was trying to steal he felt like he should check it out. Bain could usually find himself in these situations looking for a reason to fight to protect those he actually tolerated but from the sounds it was in the area Bloodclan had chosen for themselves and protected, therefore if it was strangers or just one trespasser then Bain had an obligation to chase them out to take what food was found and either it for himself or find a kit to give it to. 

Teeth gleaming he opened his stride as he passed along the sidewalk towards the sound a few alleys down skidding into it when he tried to avoid a twoleg walking a dog on a string his eyes narrowing as he tried to find the source of the sound which didnt take him long as cats tumbled out from behind an old fluff nest (couch) "So much noise, do you want catchers to place silver nets?" he snarled sitting down to wait for an answer knowing he was heard by the two.
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Noise in the Streets | Bain's Intro Flamingtext_com_1600722321_256983391
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Noise in the Streets | Bain's Intro Empty Re: Noise in the Streets | Bain's Intro

Post by Eris ! on Fri Oct 02, 2020 5:25 pm

Rising from the tumbled heap, a monster would take form. A beast of tangled fur, discolored in every strand, a mirage of splattered paint and alley grease, beautiful in it's lack of understandable form. From within that splattering of void and fading sunlight would creep a smile. Frighteningly toothy, years of licking blood off claws and digging into jugulars revealed in the staining of her canines, vampiric but truthful in it's lack of porcelain perfection. No, she herself was the truest display of perfect you'll ever behold. A beauty of chaos, as real as the twinkle in her snake-like eyes.
The giantess would gift Bain with a friendly shrug, a king gesture of sincere amicability that would never soften the true fierceness of her disposition. Anyone worth their salt would know never to let their guard down around this hulking goddess of decay and maleficence. " Oh Bain you sweetheart, don't worry a hair on your head darling - twolegs have long given up on trying to catch us" she would giggle, reaching out and aiming to pat Bain's head, completely oblivious to similarities in age. If he avoided her touch she wouldn't mind, and instead use her paw to gesture behind him, at a hidden cage in the shadows. Old and rusted, the food bowl inside long eaten by skilled bloodclanners. It warmed Eris's heart to see such a perfect display of her clan's fortitude and quick wit. She was just so proud of everyone!

Turning her serpentine hazel gaze back upon her compatriot, the woman would inquire, "Are you busy now Baine? Since you're here, why not help out with this one?" she gently elbows the feline at her side, "We've been sparring all day but i'm afraid my fur keeps getting tangled up in their claws" she sighed, running dog-toothed claws through her matted cheek fur, emphasizing the problem by her claws immediately getting stuck in a tanglement. The curse of long fur, it seems! "What do you say, Baine honey? Would you show them some moves?"



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Eris !
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Noise in the Streets | Bain's Intro Empty Re: Noise in the Streets | Bain's Intro

Post by scar. on Tue Oct 06, 2020 7:35 pm



  most cats here, he noticed, always seemed to have some type of attitude. they could get super mad or just be super apathetic to situations where emotions were permitted, bane and eris not an exception. eris seemed to have a more positive aura, her scent, though not to most, was very sweet like the feeling of sun rays upon his back. bane's was more cold, yet he still found it oddly comforting. that was just how he worked out things. without working eyes, gecko saw the world a lot different than others, and never without a smile on his face. the skinny little apprentice aged cat hopped over, stopping just short of running into eris, taking a paw step back, a smile on his face. "hi guys! what are you doing?!" his loud voice wasn't always welcome, but he couldn't help that he was so excitable. "can I help, can I? can i?! i'll  be super good and I promise not to trip this time!" he could get around pretty well, to the point that where him being blind was hard to tell in some cases but he did have his troubles, not that he minded. it was all in good fun  and he was alright with it.

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