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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    Post by Esveidy.2019 Fri Oct 02, 2020 10:21 pm

    The falling leaves had decorated the streams and river with splashes of gold, red and amber. A soft lilac colored woman sat hidden in the reeds by the riverside, watching the others splash about and hunt. She had always been the quiet kind. Her voice soft as the whispering wind, a heart so pure that angels cried and the gentle touch like a feather. Toms fancied her but she would never give them a chance. For she wasn't like most women who eyed all the eligible bachelors, she eyed the bachelorettes who were oblivious to her attraction to them. And being in this situation made Tigershine realize that there is more to life than just finding a mate. 

    Every morning, she woke up and thanked the ancestors she was able to live through another day. She'd watch as the birds sang and the kits played in the dew covered grass. Green eyes would shine the brightest when she thought of her sister in Windclan. Being apart from each other was something they came to terms with, but they still wished everything had been different. Dainty paws carried her to the herb stock as she sighed at the sight of the empty shelves. The clan had been without a medic for some time now and she missed her friend dearly who once called this den his own. Her knowledge of the craft was good enough to treat the sick and help the wounded, but a few minor gaps needed to be filled for the icy haired woman to even consider taking on such a role. Like what was considered poisonous? Either alone or mixed with another. Tigershine had been too lost in thought to hear someone come in behind her. 

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    Post by ~Nightrose~ Sun Oct 04, 2020 12:30 pm

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    "Hello Tigershine, its starting to become colder out there." Flintstorm meowed upon entering the medicine cat den and seeing the pretty she cat. He had been interested once in seeing if they could have a closer relationship, like many he was not immune to her looks but after speaking with her had realized they would be better off as friends and hadn't bothered to push for anything more in the slightest. He had just spoken with Porcupinestar about bringing out a patrol and was wondering if he might be able to find any of the herbs the clan was missing while doing it.

    "Is there anything you know of that I might search for that were low on. I would dislike it if we ran out of something needed with white cough possibly coming." he shuddered at the thought orange eyes looking into green ones he stayed in the entrance not wanting to get in the way if Tigershine needed to move about the den.
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    Post by scar. Tue Oct 06, 2020 12:28 pm



    beepaw wasn't very good at socializing like his clanmates. it was actually harder for him to do so lately, due to his own fears and anxieties increasing. he wished salmonpaw was around. he hated relying on the larger tom cat, he really did, but he couldn't help that salmon actually made him feel.. calm. protected and safe. it was probably just all of that fur he had, honestly, but bee didn't wanna complain. his life already sucked without having to think about all of the reasons he had anxiety in the first place. flicking his torn ear, the russian blue slowly made his way over to the two, a fish in jaws from his catch. he and his mentor had went out earlier, despite beepaw's blatant fear of leaving camp, and he wasn't hungry. the elders had already had their morning meal, so it was safe to say these warriors could eat if they so wanted. dropping the fish, the tom quickly shuffled backwards, his ears flattening in fear as he avoided their gazes. he shouldn't of been that scared, but he was and there was nothing anyone could do. "uhm... h-here... you guys g-go.."

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    Post by tyebean Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:54 am

    Unlike the two toms that had just sauntered in, Coconutpaw lay at the back of the medicine cat's den, her small frame wound up tightly in a ball of warm, fuzzy sleep. She had sprained a paw several sun-rises ago, but she was hoping to be released today. It'd be a godsend if Tigershine let her return to her duties and training, even if it were just to take care of the elders' ticks. Anything to get moving again...  The young bicolor oriental shifted in her nest, lifting her head to greet the others. Her voice was tired, but her eyes showed that she was happy to see some visitors. "Hi, guys." Her voice was but a gentle, hoarse croak. "Thanks, Beepaw. Are you going to stick around to tell me what's got you so worried?" It wasn't unlike her to start her morning and begin socializing like it was nothing. It helped that her denmate was here so she could ignore the adult's droning talk about sickness this... herbs that...

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    Post by kiwi Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:14 pm

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    "no matter how many times you ask, have you not realized yet that beepaw does not want to discuss it?" it seemed like every time he was around coconutpaw, the molly was asking beepaw what was the matter and not once had ramstrike ever heard the young tom come forward. a coward. too fragile for clan life. he would do better as a kittypet. "i would love to be apart of your patrol if you'll have me, flintstorm. otherwise, i would just be lounging around camp."

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