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The Chill of the Mountain

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The Chill of the Mountain  Empty The Chill of the Mountain

Post by ~Nightrose~ on Tue Oct 06, 2020 1:42 pm

The Chill of the Mountain  5469899

Song pulled in a breath of fresh air the wind tufted her whiskers as she looked out over the Tribe's territory, the grey pelted she cat sat upon a flat rock looking about herself in the cover of the mist from the waterfall. This way she would be in the best area to join a hunting party if one went out a bit later, she knew one had already gone but she did not have the chance to join them as she had been sent by Glow to collect some of the herbs he had been getting low on. She had done what was needed knowing the herbs she was looking for had helped as well, in a sense she was proud of her knowledge though she would never openly show it never wanting to seemingly put others down they all had their own strengths finding the correct herb just happened to be hers though she knew others could do what she did as well. Which is why she had sometimes stole into the Stonetellers den to watch him work just to see what he used sometimes, she had passed it off as being able to know what to use for simple things in case she ever got into a situation that required it but in truth she loved knowing things and being able to help others.

When she heard paw steps coming up behind her towards the entrance she turned wanting to know who was coming out wondering if they had realized someone was already out here...

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The Chill of the Mountain  Empty Re: The Chill of the Mountain

Post by FIREFLY! on Tue Nov 03, 2020 9:47 am

firefly hadn't expected to see song out here. he hadn't expected to see anyone out here! so whenever he climbed the rock to sit alongside the waterfall, he nearly jumped out of his fur to see the gray molly resting by the water. "eeyo!" he hiccuped, his fur spiking a bit as he jumped back a few pawsteps. the prey hunter was ready to fight! well, not really. but he would pretend like he was!

but then he realized it was merely his clanmate. "oh - song - good day!" he greeted her, letting out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding. "you didn't scare me at all. its just..its always good to be prepared!" he gave his chest a few licks as he puffed it out, hoping she hadn't noticed how off-guard she had caught him. "what are you doing out here, anyways?"

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