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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    OLD PINE [ deputy + medic announcement ]


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    OLD PINE [ deputy + medic announcement ] Empty OLD PINE [ deputy + medic announcement ]

    Post by SHADOWCLAN. Wed Oct 14, 2020 5:00 pm

    ★ DEADLY 

    brindlestar is not a kindhearted cat. her loyalty lies only with her clan, a fierce fire of protectiveness burning in her heart. agreeing to aid riverclan in their time of crisis had been a mistake. she knows this now as clearly as she knows her own name. the dogs had seemed such a threat, and ducktail had seemed so frantic. that day, riverclan had lost their deputy and medicine cat, and shadowclan had lost their deputy and medic's apprentice. she knows how absolutely horrible it is that the same thing happened to both clans, but something makes her want to blame the water dwellers. if they hadn't helped, brindlestar would still have bearfang, and their grief would not need to be renewed at the loss of their last hope for a medicine cat. her son lionpaw had been too young to die, but then again, so had his mentor just two moons previously. it's just all unfair.

    so this is why she remains loyal to her own clan and them only. grief shadows the woman's eyes as she exits her den, making her way towards the highrock where she knows her clan are already gathering. she needs to choose a new deputy, needs to appoint a medicine cat. her brain is foggy with sadness, but her choices are made. she prays starclan will accept them. muscles bunching, she leaps up onto the stone. regal and yet broken, she addresses her clan. "shadowclan, it is time to name a new deputy and a new medicine cat. i say this before starclan, so that the spirits of bearfang and lionpaw may approve of my choices. darkflame will be the new deputy of shadowclan. rainface will be the new medicine cat of shadowclan." 

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