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the stars in the sky and the stars in your eyes [intro]

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the stars in the sky and the stars in your eyes [intro] Empty the stars in the sky and the stars in your eyes [intro]

Post by hanakosong on Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:53 pm

Being named as the successor to Shallowlight by Owlstar was...a surreal experience. Of course, the young tabby had assisted the former medicine cat a few times whenever she had had a spare moment. But Asterpool never dreamed that StarClan would look upon her so favorably as to appoint her a true medicine cat. The orange tabby knew the basics of herbs and the remedies they concocted, but it would take several more moons of training and trial and error before she considered herself a true medicine cat.
Emerging from her den - sometimes she still referred to it as Shallowlight's den - Asterpool greeted the dawn sky with a long, luxurious stretch and massive yawn. She had always been an early riser, so the sight was a familiar one. Truthfully, the she-cat was excited to face the day, to hopefully learn something new. She swept her gaze around the camp to see if there was anyone else up and about yet.

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the stars in the sky and the stars in your eyes [intro] Empty Re: the stars in the sky and the stars in your eyes [intro]

Post by ghost on Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:12 pm

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Mornings suit him, Coalwhisker thinks. He is still young enough that this is the sort of thing he is learning about himself, that he likes the blush-light of dawn and the birdsong. Chilled air. The way the stars fade from sight, starting at one horizon and bleeding to the next. He likes the quiet around camp, before the world is awake and noisy and wanting.

Accusing Coalwhisker of being introverted would be a fair enough assessment. He wasn't one to seek out a crowd, was far more likely to retreat from any such gathering. That didn't mean he didn't enjoy being social, every odd occasion. Every bit feral, he approaches Asterpool with the same caution one would approach a coiled snake, his large ears pivoting and his body tensed, ready to retreat.

Despite the obvious discomfort in his posture, Coalwhisker is able to wrestle his gruff voice into something a little closer to amicable when he greets Asterpool, ”You seem cheery,” Coalwhisker notes, but he doesn't think that's what he means. ”Eager,” Coalwhisker amends.


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