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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    Passing of the Feather | Stoneteller to-be Announcement

    Tribe of Rushing Water

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    Passing of the Feather | Stoneteller to-be Announcement Empty Passing of the Feather | Stoneteller to-be Announcement

    Post by Tribe of Rushing Water Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:29 pm

    Stoneteller had received an omen last night as he looked among the pools of water and the leafs swirl, in the cave of pointed stones and omen that would begin the change of the tribe. He padded out among the cats of his Tribe those who have earned their retirement, the hunters who made sure they were all fed and taken care of with fresh bedding and herbs. The guards that protected them and even the to-bes learning to walk in their mentors paw steps though no one had the same print in life.

    The white, orange stripped toms eyes had dulled some in the years he's looked after the tribe it had been to his surprise when he finally got a sign at who would step forward when it came to him stepping down, even though this process was usually done upon a kits brith nothing had come when the tribe's kits were born and grew. So to have finally have gotten a sign to bring a prey hunter of 32 moons in it had deeply surprised him. This cat would be behind in their training and it would be crucial to fill it in as quick as they could. 

    "May all those who are old enough to walk the path of wet stones gather for a meeting." He heard a couple squeaks of complaint as some kits were brought back to the kit mothers den saying it was unfair they couldn't attend. He took his spot upon the ledge in which only a couple others had given announcements from. The Tribe was not young by any means but being in this area was only a few decades old, "I call this meeting before you today to announce the omen in which I received last night, telling me of who will become my to-be." he heard the gasps and wonderment on who it could possibly be, one of their kits? some questioned. He waited for them to quiet down before continuing "I know many have waited over the moons for this announcement and we have all waited a while. The Tribe of Endless Hunting was quiet when it came to this question much to our disappointment but finally the day has come! I call on our ancestors to witness this day to which I name Song of Whispering Wind as my to-be." everything was quiet as the others around him processed what he had just said.

    When Song stepped forward in obvious wonderment and slight discomfort he laid a soothing tail upon her shoulders 
    "Song of Whispering Wind, may the ancestors help guide you in this path as they have mine." he meowed touching his nose to her forehead in which she let out a soft acknowledging purr. Taking the feather in which he had set into his fur earlier he slipped it into the her fur behind her ear the feather of a red shouldered hawk now hung proudly from his to-be. Everyone had stayed silent until this was done and then they began to cheer congratulating Song on her new position in the Tribe he did believe this is one of the few times a Stoneteller has named a to-be later in life instead of them being named from birth but he was not unhappy with The Tribe of Endless Hunting's choice for Song was a hard working she cat now once prey hunter he was sure she would bring great things to the Tribe.

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