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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    the brightest star in the sky | stepping up announcement


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    the brightest star in the sky | stepping up announcement Empty the brightest star in the sky | stepping up announcement

    Post by .nico. Fri Oct 23, 2020 12:14 am



    Solarflare had gone to check on Owlstar as the leader had always risen with the sun. However, that morning the old tom had been vacant. His regal, kind nature had always been a comfort for all the cats within ThunderClan. The clan had brought their concerns to the deputy and, as soon as they were brought up, the tom went to find his mentor, his friend, his leader.  Padding into the leader's den, the golden tabby saw the older feline resting in his nest. However, something felt wrong. The deputy padded over to blue tabby tom. His body was still and Solarflare waited for the rise of his chest that never came. With a paw, the large feline prodded Owlstar's side. His body was unmoving, heavy. He knew what it meant. The leader that had reigned over ThunderClan for so long was dead. A single tear rolled down Solarflare's cheek as it left his eye. "Owlstar...May you hunt in StarClan in peace for eternity." With a single paw, the towering feline wiped his cheek and turned towards the opening of the den. With a sigh, he knew he would have to face them. 

    Padding out of the leader's den and making his way over to the High Rock, the deputy would miss the fluffy gray feline wandering about. Climbing up to the top, the large feline called for the clan. "All cats of ThunderClan gather beneath High Rock for a clan meeting!" The golden-chocolate tabby felt his heart breaking with each word he spoke. "Owlstar passed away peacefully in his sleep. We shall mourn the loss of our leader who had been with us for so many moons. After we mourn, in the morning, I will be heading to Moonstone to receive my nine lives from StarClan. When I return, I won't name a deputy. Much like Owlstar, I believe it should be a title earned. I shall be watching for one who will be named deputy to take over after I leave for the stars above." He spoke calmly and carefully. "This meeting is dismissed. For those that want to share tongues and hold vigil one last time with Owlstar before we bury him properly, please join me in doing so." He bowed his head and climbed down from the High Rock.

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