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FRESH OUT - joining

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FRESH OUT - joining  Empty FRESH OUT - joining

Post by scar. on Fri Oct 23, 2020 3:01 am



  if spider was being honest, he had no idea what was compelling him to join  a clan. after being born to a band or rogues who claimed to have loved him, and wanting nothing more to take care of him, he was quick to learn the truth behind their words. there was none. he was bruised and beaten everyday for the sake of their training, and they drilled the idea in his head that killing was the only way to survive. it left him paranoid, and angry. after realizing just how much he didn't want this life for him, he left, but not without a few wounds to show for it. as he limped through the forest, his eyes followed around, his body perking up at the scent of cats. he didn't like this. but... this was the only way. he needed the safety. he needed it. he wanted to act like he could take care of himself, but the logical bones in his body knew that he couldn't and it would only be a matter of time before he was found. spitting image of his mother and father, even after he watched them die, and it was only a matter of time before they found him. no amount of scent coating would hide him. he just had to find a way to be safe for now. and this seemed like the best bet. he was tired, and his body ached from the wounds that seeped blood into his fur, but he didn't care. he had to keep going.

//lmao this is horrid but he is probably wondering the territory

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FRESH OUT - joining  Empty Re: FRESH OUT - joining

Post by WhiteRaven on Sun Oct 25, 2020 12:56 pm

Aspenpaw | Apprentice | She-cat 

The speckled apprentice wandered through the Darkclan territory, her ears perking at the sounds of the forest coming to life. She knew she shouldn't have really gone out into the forest on her own, but her mentor had been out on patrol all morning and she felt restless, well, more like bored out of her mind. Aspenpaw tended to be rather impatient when it came to training, and since her mentor had been gone for so long, she thought she might as well get out on her own and practice hunting. The familiar scent of a mouse caught the apprentices attention and she crouched, albeit awkwardly, low to the ground. Gently Aspenpaw pressed on paw in front of the other, noting as the scent became stronger as she stalked forward. "Almost... got it..." She thought to herself carefully, her eyes still searching for the prey she had scented. Suddenly, the loud sound of paw steps caught her attention, and the she-cat jumped up, suddenly alert. Out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed that the mouse she had been stalking darted away. "Foxdung! I was so close!" Aspenpaw thought to herself, irritated by the interrupting sounds, which were clearly paw steps at this point. Assuming it was one of her clanmates, Aspenpaw let out a huff of annoyance before stopping in her tracks. She opened her maw, and her yellow eyes widened, "is that... blood?" she thought, then without a second thought, darted towards the sounds, which which already fairly close by. Soon enough, a cat came into view, although she doubted it could see her. "A... rouge? He looks the same age as me..." Aspenpaw thought, her eyes narrowing then noting as the tom looked fairly beaten and bruised. "Geez, he's pretty cut up, I wonder what the heck happened" and she hesitated, Aspenpaw knew it was code to chase any and all intruders in the camp area, but this cat looked so weak and beaten, was there even a point? Its not like he was really a threat. After another moment of hesitation, Aspenpaw emerged from the bushes, "Hey! You! Do you need help?" She said to the cat, although still kept her distance. 

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