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A semi-AU, semi-realistic Warrior Cats RPG based off of the books by Erin Hunter

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    animal crossing | o; meet and greet


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    animal crossing | o; meet and greet Empty animal crossing | o; meet and greet

    Post by .nico. Fri Oct 23, 2020 1:53 pm



    Upon their return, Dogstar was now the leader of RiverClan. They had been given nine lives, one from Porcupinestar themselves. The pain of seeing their friend once again had solidified that the tuxedo would never be around to tell them how to survive this leadership. The mangled feline wasn't the greatest at communication. After all, they were sarcastic, dry, and a bit terrifying to look at. They, however, happened to be very loyal to their clan. The feline thought of all that had happened and how RiverClan needed something to break the sadness that lingered in the air. "RiverClan!" They called out, their voice calm and monotonous. "I'm holding a meet and greet if anyone is interested. I'll start us off." 

    Their tail curled over their paws as they spoke. "My name is Dogstar. I'm 20 moons and was born in this clan. It is my home and I will always be loyal. I'm now the leader of RiverClan, which I shall be getting used to. I'm not the easiest cat to look at nor the easiest to get along with, but I will do my best to be a leader you can be proud of." 

    //ooc: hey! i'm nico! i'm one of the admins on the site and am a friendly guy just here to enjoy rping some battle cats! if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out!

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    animal crossing | o; meet and greet Empty Re: animal crossing | o; meet and greet

    Post by ghost Wed Nov 04, 2020 3:04 pm

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    Why, a pleasure to meet you!” Veerycloud greets as if she hadn't known Dogstar. Head dipped into an over-low bow, and when she rises, she does so with a twirl and laugh. Her single ear swivels,  ”Veerycloud, if you would be so kind as to call me. Loner-born, and currently at a proud 40 moons!” Veerycloud was in fact older than her claim, ”Oh, I spent some moons as a kittypet, and then I came back out here. It's a nice place to live.

    Hush with that 'not easy to look at,'” Veerycloud had taken up a poor imitation of Dogstar's voice, which she drops as she continues, ”I've managed to look at you plenty of times, and find it rather low effort. Look, doing it right now.” She blinks at Dogstar. A life as this one was bound to gain one a few scars. Dogstar just happened to have collected a few more than most. Okay, a lot more. Admittedly a large amount.

    Veerycloud could think of plenty of her kittypet friends who were equal parts horrified and fascinated with her missing ear, they'd probably faint if they saw Dogstar. Veerycloud didn't see any of those kittypets hanging around now. Just clanmates, had best get used to Dogstar's appearance, ”Am I good at multitasking if I'm able to look at you and groom at the same time?” She wonders aloud, then idly licks her paw and swipes it over her cheek. Darn, she closed her eyes when she did that, didn't she?

    Well, anyway, Veerycloud as you know. Hello, hi, glad to meet everyone. If you ever need anyone to talk an ear off at, you know who to find,” She wiggles her remaining ear as emphasis, ”I can either talk your ear off, or you can talk mine off. That's what happened to the first one,” Frostbite, actually. It had happened before her stay as a kittypet, and the necrotic tissue had been removed in a vet visit, ”Ha! Anyway, anyhow, and anywho, I've gone on long enough!


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    animal crossing | o; meet and greet Empty Re: animal crossing | o; meet and greet

    Post by Basiliskhiss Fri Nov 06, 2020 5:52 pm

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    "It isn't your scars, my dear Dogstar, that make you hard to look at” comes the ever proper dialogue from Riverclan's resident prince. The medicine cat approaches languidly, a glide if you will, on paws large and masculine but delicate with good care regiments. He, in contrast to Dogstar, is beyond confident in his physical appearance - he thinks this while puffing up the tuft of fur on his head to perfection. He'd known this blue tabby since her birth - the two being around the same age practically grew up together...though, considering his father's...habits...they'd never gotten very close. Still, he'd noticed them a lot, going from a wide-eyed kid to a prisoner in the medicine den, to a creature who could conquer anyone and anything with a stare...Bass would never admit it aloud, but...yeah, he was already proud of them.

    Sitting down nearby, the male would groom his largely fluffy tail as he listened to the two speak. He frowns when Veery mentions talking off other people's ears, and he can't help but glance towards the bald spot where her other ear used to be. Asymmetrical is not perfection, he thinks to himself, shivering with dread he felt often beneath the cold eyes of shimmering blue much like his own. They were long gone, and yet they continued to haunt his every thought. Waving the thought away, Basiliskhiss would clear his throat to incur the attention of all those present.
    "I suppose we're pretending now as if we haven't been living together for moons now. Fine,” placing a paw on a finely groomed chest, the handsome tom introduces, "I am Basiliskhiss, your medicine cat, very blessed you all are, lucky you” he smiles, but it doesn't quite reach his icy eyes, so heavily contrasted against his dark mask they appear to almost glow with a frosty glint, "I've been raised as any proper warrior ought to be, though I was decidedly placed on the medicine cat path that doesn't change a thing.

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    animal crossing | o; meet and greet Empty Re: animal crossing | o; meet and greet

    Post by scar. Mon Nov 09, 2020 5:43 pm



      he didn't do these things. it was scary. he was scared. but when was he not? his throat was filled with bile and stomach acid, his stomach twisting in knots, back and forth. every sound was enough to make him jump, fur spiking up and feeling itchy as if he had been bitten by something. he looked at dogstar for a moment, then to veerycloud and then basiliskhiss. all of them were terrifying. like that nightmare one could never escape the killer, and right before a knife was plunged deep in the stomach, you were awake. thats how bee's life was. like a nightmare. no one understood why, and he certainly wasn't going to explain himself. that would meant talking to others and due to his body shaking like a leaf in a cold breeze, all that came out were stutters. he tripped over every sentence, and it made him feel like a fool. then there was his scar. much like dogstar's. only difference was... he still had his eye. sometimes his vision was a little messed up, but other than that... he had been considerably lucky. though, bee didn't even look at his face so how was he to know? slowly walking over, his ears pinned on his skull, tail flicking back and forth. "u-uh.." already he was starting off bad. his gaze was glossed over with his own tears, and he couldn't help but feel antsy about it. he was going to screw this up like he did everything else. "m-my name is beepaw b-but I guess y-you guys already know that a-and i-.. uh-" the sound of something nearby made him cut himself off, his fur prickling up, as his body tensed up. he immediately turned away from the group, lifting his paw to press against his chest. it was just a bird. he began to bite at the fur between his paws, ignoring the pain associated with such an action. "s-sorry..." oh where was salmonpaw, or his mom? he was about to have a full blown panic attack.

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    animal crossing | o; meet and greet Empty Re: animal crossing | o; meet and greet

    Post by kiwi Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:18 pm

    animal crossing | o; meet and greet Rsz-image0
    riverclan - warrior - male - 23 moons - tags

    ramstrike was not going to participate in this petty game. it was dumb. why were they all acting like they had never lived together? they had, and for many moons now at that. he flicked an ear, watching as some clanmates stepped forward to participate, and it made him wonder: maybe he should say something. maybe by saying something, it would make him more trustworthy, more of an option of a deputy. he loved the idea of power. he stepped forward as soon as beepaw had quieted down, flicking an ear and lowering his front half as if he was bowing to dogstar. oh, the pain he felt doing this. not physically, but mentally; he would never truly bow to anyone. "ramstrike, a pleasure to meet you."

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    animal crossing | o; meet and greet Empty Re: animal crossing | o; meet and greet

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