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Post by Sparkbounce! on Mon Oct 26, 2020 8:28 pm


A soft breeze rustled to the normally energetic apprentice. Her paws bounded forward with a small mouse clamped into her jaw. It was her first-ever catch! How exciting...though...she wanted to stay inside of the camp and help the medicine cat out truthfully-because she enjoyed learning new things. Not! That she was interested or anything like never not her! She wanted to become a proud warrior for her clan but...would that even be possible? Sparkpaw was described as being overly energetic-over the place and always distracted. She was really surprised that she was even able to catch this scrawny mouse wasn't that impressive...other apprentices could catch better things than she said and she was sure her mentor was disappointed in the young apprentice but still...

Sparkpaw shrugged it off and lifted her chin up and stood in the clearing with the small mouse neatly trapped within her maw. Would...her clan be proud of her? Or...disappointed? She'll figure it out.

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HELLO MY SUNSHINE || o. Intro Empty Re: HELLO MY SUNSHINE || o. Intro

Post by - HAILPOOL. on Tue Nov 03, 2020 11:00 pm

having been sunning over near the rocks where the sunshine shone down just right on her fur, the bengal molly stretched out her paws and back and suppressed a yawn. she had gone out on a border patrol that morning and now she was just relaxing, waiting to see if she would be asked to go on a hunting patrol or another border patrol or escort the daylight warriors home or do whatever it was that was expected of her to do. she was always ready for a new challenge, always ready for whatever the day had to offer her. but she liked to spend her time relaxing in the sun when she got the chance.

she rolled onto her stomach, shaking her fur out a bit, and thats when her eye caught sparkpaw. what a fun apprentice she was! she was so energetic and such a dreamer, and hailpool loved it. she loved apprentices who were so excited like that! she wishes she was so young and full of life again like they were. she flicked an ear as the molly came closer into her view since she was heading towards the freshkill pile, and she noticed she had something in her jaws. it looked like..a mole? was a mouse! a really tiny one. but a mouse nonetheless!

"sparkpaw!" the molly called out with an inviting flick of her tail. "did you catch that? bring it here! i wanna see!" even though it was just a piece of freshkill, just a mouse, she knew that if she seemed very excited then the apprentice would probably follow in the excitement too. she was that way as an apprentice. there was nothing wrong with enthusiasm, nothing wrong with constant compliments and happiness.

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