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DAYS IN THE SUN [ checkups + intro ]

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DAYS IN THE SUN [ checkups + intro ] Empty DAYS IN THE SUN [ checkups + intro ]

Post by owlgaze on Fri Oct 30, 2020 10:37 am

sight of the starry night 

a soft sigh escapes the maw of the young prince as he sorts through his duties. rare sunlight filters in through the den entrance, soaking the blue and white pelt with golden radiance, and yet beneath the warmth, the man is discontent, mind wandering as it often does during these more boring of tasks. soft paws shuffle through the leaves, claws deftly hooking each to put in it's own pile, an orderly row of emerald leaves and soft violet berries. through the entrance he can hear the murmuring of his clanmates sharing tongues, and if he glances up he can see warriors ducking in and out of camp, some rebuilding dens, others taking patrols of unruly apprentices out for some training duty or another. often a smile settles upon his maw as he watches this calm system, each cat doing their best to provide for their clan, each with their own life and skills. as a gaggle of kits tromps past the medicine den on their way to cause some sort of mischief, he'll wave to them, a bubbling purr rising within him as they giggle back and dash on, tripping over themselves. he supposes clan life is nice when it flows smoothly- he's still not used to it here after four moons. as his task comes to an end, he glances around, slender paws smooth against the cold stone. it's one of those rare calm days, this he is grateful for, and with a soft blink, the young man exits his den.

"i'm doing checkups over here. if you need me to look at something, please tell me." the announcement echos around the cave, and owlgaze will sit down outside of his den, awaiting his clanmates.

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DAYS IN THE SUN [ checkups + intro ] Empty Re: DAYS IN THE SUN [ checkups + intro ]

Post by scar. on Fri Oct 30, 2020 12:05 pm



  was there a right way to do this? he didn't know. he was really, and truly, grateful to the cat with the herbs. he had took his time to treat the wounds he had, despite his attitude and resistance to such a treatment but he had to admit that it was nice to be taken care of. he hadn't had that in such a long time, or at all that he could remember. his tail flicked behind him as he slowly inched out of the den where he was told to stay. it was... different. he never really had to be around many cats. sure, he could have been. but most rogues slept beside their family. he never shared a nest so close to anyone. not since his parents died. still, the rogues had been his family. at least, thats what he told himself. he knew they cared nothing about him, and only his strengths. strengths that left him a paranoid mess. it was safe to say he barely slept these last few days. hearing the spirit caller was enough for him to jar from the little bit of sleep he might of been trying to get. he slowly inched over, very clearly unsure and suspicious of it all. his ears pinned back, and he crept forward, trying to seem nice. at least to this owlgaze. no one else deserved that. not yet. maybe not ever. "uh, can you check the one on my shoulder? it still hurts." he admitted, pinning his ears back. ugh, this was so annoying. 

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