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they seldom let you snooze || out-of-clan apprentices

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they seldom let you snooze || out-of-clan apprentices Empty they seldom let you snooze || out-of-clan apprentices

Post by ghost on Fri Oct 30, 2020 10:48 pm

shadowclan apprentice | torbie | dsh | tags

In this moment, Tansypaw feels invincible. Surrounded by her peers, under silvery moonlight, the fog of her breath dancing in her vision. Nothing can harm her. She laughs at odd intervals, and feels as if emotions live under her skin as a physical, changing force, and feels as if she changes with every new feeling, and feels as if she is something new, something better. Tansypaw laughs at odd intervals, at the bravery, at the strangeness of it all. When she passes onto ThunderClan's territory, walking over the thunderpath without a trace of caution, it is brazenly and jubilantly.

HEY!” She hollers into the night, then giggles at the way her voice echoes off the trees, ”This is, this is a take-over! Is anyone there?” Tansypaw steps further into the territory, ”You must give us all of all of your lemongrass, and also all of your apprentices! Otherwise we'll do something bad!


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